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The Taiwanese exporters

Micro Genius / Idea-Tek / American Video Entertainment

The first company to sell copies to Gluk Video, 7 titles.
The first one was a hack of it's own game "Thunder Warrior" to add the brand mascot creating: ""Gluk the Thunder Warrior".
Idea-Tek was a company founded by the owner of Joy Van after his company was absorbed by Sachen. Bought in 1991-1992 by TXC Corp, the matrix of Micro Genius and the latter relaunched all the titles of Idea-Tek, some of them sold to Gluk Video, by dates probably after the absortion.
All Idea-Tek games usethe mapper by American Video Entertainment, then NINA 003-006.
Their cartridges are black with a rectangular label with rounded borders that fills approximately a third of the cartridge.

NTDEC / Mega Soft / Caltron

Second company to sell games to Gluk Video, 12 titles in 2 groups of 6 each.
This company was changing it's name (initially by problems with Nintendo because NTDEC meant Nintendo Electronic Co.) so really all the games were developed by the same company.
Starting on 1993 it changed it's name to Asder, but on the imported titles the brands are the first three because the titles are from 1991-1992.
The second wave of games started to come by it's hand, probably to offer better prices (and worse components quality, and of the games).
Their cartridges, "Caltron" format are grey with a square label that occupies the majority of the cartridge.
This cartridges seem to have the CIC to work on the NES.
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